Post Covid Health Restoration for Women

Helping covid survivors to restore their health back to normal


Are you facing long term health effects of covid even after recovering?

Enroll for a comprehensive post covid health restoration programme designed especially for women to help them erase any symptoms of post covid or covid long along with managing their comorbid condition(s).

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Science based Approach

What Does Post Covid Health Restoration Programme Include?


Nutrition support and management

  • Personalized meal plans according to symptoms, conditions, comorbidities, preferences and goals and covid history
  • Restores nutritional, muscle and bone deficiencies caused by the cytokine storm
  • Restores normal immune system, and effectively addresses any preexisting comorbidities like PCOD, pre-diabetes, diabetes etc.

Fitness support and management

  • Personalised fitness plans and live online pranayama/yoga classes to improve breathing and increase cardio respiratory work
  • Recovery from musculoskeletal damage or severe damage to muscles and bones
  • Specific exercises to address the most concerning fitness issue effectively, like breathing difficulties, weakness etc

Skin & hair care support and management

  • Personalised skincare and hair care plans to restore and rebalance skin’s defense mechanism and strengthen immunity
  • Restores skin and hair health from the damage caused by covid-19 and covid-19 stress
  • Effectively eliminates any skin and hair condition like acne, dandruff, poor hair health, pigmentation etc

Mental wellbeing support & management

  • To help cope with after effects of covid-19, physically and mentally
  • To help manage emotional disturbances caused by loss of loved ones due to covid-19
  • To help patients mentally adapt to the changes in environment like isolated living, limited social interaction, work from home etc

Expert care & support

  • Get 24x7 expert care and support over whatsapp and call
  • Timely adherence to lifestyle plans and medicines
  • Resolve queries and doubts regarding health, request change in plans, 24X7 access to expert to cater to your needs

Community support

Community Support (Join our exclusive community of covid warriors, and stay one step ahead in managing your health, talk to experts and bust myths around your health and wellbeing and take informed steps to stay healthy always)
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Why Us?


24x7 Support

Our Health Restoration Programme takes a patient centric approach and provides 24x7 expert support by making the needs of the patient the focal point of the entire rehabilitation


Speedy Recovery

The programme is designed for each woman according to their symptoms, comorbid conditions, preferences and their personal goals with the programme


Research-based Programme

With the evidence-based approach and backed by scientific research, the programme is focused on the individual for recovering the health back to normal

Post covid health restoration pricing

Monthly Subscription

4000 / month
3199 / month

Recommended duration - min 3 months Subscribe Now
  • Daily personalized nutrition, fitness, skincare, haircare & mental-wellbeing plans
  • Weekly live classes for Yoga, Pranayam & Breathing techniques
  • Unlimited customisation on plans
  • 24x7 expert (doctor) support towards plan adherence & recovery
Most popular

3-month Program


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  • Daily personalized nutrition, fitness, skincare, haircare & mental-wellbeing plans
  • Weekly live classes for Yoga, Pranayam & Breathing techniques
  • Unlimited customisation on plans
  • 24x7 expert (doctor) support towards plan adherence & recovery

6-month Program


Recommended for patients with co-morbidities Enroll Now
  • Daily personalized nutrition, fitness, skincare, haircare & mental-wellbeing plans
  • Weekly live classes for Yoga, Pranayam & Breathing techniques
  • Unlimited customisation on plans
  • 24x7 expert (doctor) support towards plan adherence & recovery


What is Covid long or post covid syndrome?

Covid-19 caused by SARS-COV 2, infects cells of the different organs, which cause damages to different systems of the body like cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system etc. The severe inflammatory response triggered by covid-19 called the cytokine storm, causes many complications and long term health effects in patients. The post covid syndrome or covid long affects each patient differently. This could be due to persistent presence of virus in blood (possibly due to patient’s inadequate or absent immune response), inflammatory or other immune response, relapse or reinfection, and post-traumatic stress or other mental health factors.

Who all can join this programme?

The maasika post covid rehabilitation programme is designed specifically for women keeping in mind their unique hormonal and physical anatomy, as well as any existing comorbidities. This programme can be joined by women who are 18+ years of age with preexisting conditions or without.

Do you provide medical facilities during this programme?

No, we facilitate nutrition, fitness, skin and hair health and mental wellbeing rehabilitation, through a dedicated care manager assigned to the patients throughout the recovery.

Do I need to stop my medicine to start this programme?

Absolutely not, your medicines are an absolute necessity to recover from post covid health damages. And you must ensure that you take all the prescribed doses of the medicines on time. Covid-19 is a new disease, we are still learning about it, its effect and long term health damages everyday, so the least we can do to recover from it is to complete the prescription without missing a dose.

Is taking post covid rehabilitation (health restoration) necessary?

Necessary, yes. The damages caused by covid-19 stay with the patients even after they recover from the disease. And these damages are not to be taken seriously, if not addressed effectively, they could lead to long term health effects. For women with comorbid conditions like PCOD, prediabetes or diabetes etc, it is even more important to take post covid rehabilitation because their already impaired immune system goes through an overdrive during covid-19, which requires careful assistance and health restoration regime towards recovery.

Will maasika post covid health restoration programme also help me manage my PCOD condition?

Yes, we create each plan with great personalisation, which means also considering any comorbidities present in the patient, and crafting an effective recovery strategy that addresses both, the post covid health damage and any comorbidities present.

I had covid-19 but I was not hospitalised, would I still need post covid health restoration?

It’s not mandatory to be hospitalised to enroll for post covid health restoration. You have been exposed to the virus and your system may still contain traces of it, that is why a continued monitoring along with restoring the immune system through adequate and correct nutrition, fitness, skin and hair care and mental well being routine is important.

Can I take this programme for my mother, who is menopausal?

Absolutely, maasika post covid health restoration is for every woman who is 18 or 18+ years of age. We factor in any and all comorbidities, day-to-day non-covid as well as covid-symptoms, medical history and patient’s personal preferences before creating the personalised plan for patients.



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